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Do-it-all carb cooker prototype smart as a whistle

Future Carbohydrate Cooker by industrial designer Mathew Lau looks smart, and actually is.

Mathew Lau's future Carbohydrate Cooker. Tuvie

Industrial designer Mathew Lau has created a smart-looking, compact little carb cooker. Taking a break from his day gig of designing Bluetooth headsets, his new project is doubtful to receive as many strange looks as the hands-free headsets generate. It may be innovative and cool looking, but you (most likely) aren't gonna look like a crazy person while cooking with it.

Inspired by the shape of wheat and about the size of a kettle, the stylish little cooker is designed to cook rice or pasta anywhere. The prototype sports an onboard microprocessor that adjusts the cooking power as needed. Memory is also incorporated as a tool to help achieve consistent results.

A look inside. Tuvie

Not content to stop with a simple gadgety doodad that in reality is little more than a timer, the cooker incorporates technology all the way through to its perforated basin. It can measure the weight of grain and determine the corresponding amount of water needed. More akin to a dishwasher or washing machine than a rice cooker, the Future Carbohydrate Cooker has the capability to stir, steam, boil, and drain.

With a rich feature set integrated into such a portable package, the cooker promises to be an easy option for on the go, anywhere, anytime cooking. Designed to be space saving and easy to use, the strange looking carb cooker could be a quick success.