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Do bloggers need a code of conduct?


In the wake of a tempest in the blogosphere that devolved even to the point of reported , a few bloggers have decided that the tech industry is getting enough of a black eye, and have called for a "code of conduct" to govern polite behavior.

Curbing bad behavior on the blogs

The code, posted by publisher Tim O'Reilly, is apparently designed for bloggers who are lacking in even the most basic of manners and who need helpful tips in conducting a polite conversation without resorting to name-calling.

Bloggers who sign on to the code agree to follow principles such as these: don't lie, don't steal, don't call people names, and ignore them if they call you names--all excellent principles that my kindergartener has just about mastered. Good to see the bloggers reaching that level of sophisticated behavior.

However, more than a few bloggers have declared that they don't need no stinking rules, and are expressing reservations about the code.

Blog community response:

"Bloggers don't need a code of conduct, because it isn't the content of blogs that are in the question. What's being called into question is the cowardly personal attacks that are sent by email, and left in the comments sections of blogs. And if that's really the issue, then calling for a Bloggers Code of Conduct is pointless."
--Deep Jive Interests

"I do find disquieting the social pressure to get on board with this program. Tim O'Reilly is a guy who really can affect one's career online (and off, too). I do have to admit that I feel some pressure just to get on board here and that makes me feel very uneasy."

"I'm not turning off anonymous comments, I'm not going to always try to talk privately with someone before i write, and I'm also not going to allow a mob to decide what types of words constitute 'unacceptable content.' And I'm certainly not putting a badge on my site that says whether I comply or not."
--Crunch Notes

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