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DNC blogs vs. network reality shows

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "Cybertourists in Boston":

I don't agree with you.

From the blogs I followed, they did far better at reporting the mood and atmosphere than the major media. One of the things that I found interesting was that this was "just a convention."

Although the implications were more far reaching, and the degree of stage managing went beyond anything I was familiar with, the fact that you can use the urinal next to someone rich and famous is an aspect that is not usually brought up on network news.

The Web logs were also useful in pointing out how the major media can twist and distort what is happening to suit their view. My final turnoff from the major networks was that this is the first political convention since I started paying attention, circa 1960, when I received absolutely no information from the major commercial news sources. They barely covered the convention.

Apparently, the major news sources are more interested in fanaticizing the public with programs about dating 25 beautiful women or eating bugs on a desert island. The networks shirked their duty, and the blogs looked great in comparison.

Robert Krause
Beckley, W.Va.