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DLO TransDock III with (lack of) IntelliTune

Although the DLO TransDock III FM transmitter works OK in urban areas, it's a better choice for drivers who frequent areas with a less-cluttered FM frequency range.


FM transmitters aren't the best way to port your MP3 player's audio to your car stereo, but for those who don't have a cassette player or auxiliary line input, they're the only option. Thanks to FCC regulations, it can be a challenge to find one that offers transmission powerful enough to dominate an FM frequency without frequent drop-outs and interference, but DLO has managed to offer a reasonably strong signal with its TransDock line of transmitters. The newest addition to the family, the TransDock III with IntelliTune ($99.99), keeps the legacy going, although we found the IntelliTune feature to be useless around San Francisco. Read more.


DLO TransDock III