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DJI's new camera lets you zoom in from the skies

The Zenmuse Z3 is the first camera for DJI's drones that comes with a built-in optical zoom.


Getting a close-up look at something with a DJI drone previously meant flying the thing closer to the subject. DJI's new camera module -- the Zenmuse Z3 -- comes with a built-in optical zoom, giving you a closer view, without risking smashing up your fancy flying machine.

The camera has a 3.5x optical zoom, with a 2x digital zoom, combined to give a 7x zoom overall. Although the camera shoots video in 4K resolution, DJI explains that the Zenmuse Z3 is geared more towards still photography in industrial applications -- such as viewing construction on tall buildings from a safe distance.

It's compatible with DJI's Inspire 1 drone, as well as the more professional-level Matrice 100 and 600 drones. It's available to buy now directly from DJI for £799 in the UK, $899 in the US and AU$1,599 in Australia.

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