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DJI releases teaser video for Inspire 1

The company's forthcoming UAV doesn't look like your average camera-toting quadcopter.

Is it a copter? Is it a plane? Whatever is next from DJI, we'll find out on November 12.

The company best known for its multirotor UAVs like the Phantom 2 Vision+ for aerial photos and video released a teaser for the Inspire 1.

Like any good teaser video, DJI doesn't give too much away. It looks like it'll have a fixed camera, which means you probably won't be mounting your own GoPro or other camera to this one. And, judging by the revolving triangle throughout the clip, it probably won't be the typical square quadcopter.

The entry-level Vision+ was released in April, so here's hoping it's significantly different than that model -- in capabilities, pricing or both.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+