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DIY Wolverine automatic claws with real blades

You shouldn't use these claws to re-enact scenes from "Logan" -- but if you're looking to slice open a soda can, these are what you want.

Though having a mutant power of adamantium claws is both a gift and a curse to Wolverine in the X-Men films, and the most recent superhero swan song "Logan," they come in handy in real life.

In a viral video posted on April 28, YouTuber The Q shows how to make automatic Wolverine claws using three plastic retractable X-Acto knives, rubber bands and some glue.

The video shows step by step how to make the retractable Wolverine claws, including what to do with them once you've finished.

"It's very simple and good awesome-looking claws," The Q wrote on the YouTube page. "You can open Coca Cola and cut pizza slice and sausage. If you decide repeat this project be extremely careful!"

Previously, The Q showed how to make rather sophisticated Wolverine automatic claws from 15 popsicle sticks.

If you're looking for a Wolverine fix that doesn't involve you stabbing things, a black-and-white version of "Logan" looks to be shown in some cinemas in the US on May 16.

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