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DIY Weekend: 100 projects you can tackle

ReadyMade magazine's new e-book details 100 cool DIY projects. We've combed through to find the most Crave-worthy, and here they are.

You can build all this, and more! Unless you're clumsy. Like me. Matt Hickey/ReadyMade

Rejoice, weekend DIY fans, for ReadyMade magazine has released a download-and-print book called the ReadyMade 100, a manual of 100 DIY projects that can be completed on an average weekend at home.

ReadyMade is a magazine all about DIY ideas that are fun, stylish, and clever. And many, like the ones we've selected for the gallery, stand out as being very Crave-worthy. This list is far from definitive, so if you like what you see here, you'll want to check out all the projects in the book, which includes how-tos for most of them, while others serve simply as awesome inspiration.

The list is a collection of DIY projects submitted as part of a contest the magazine had late last year, and all the entries are impressive. For the most part, they were invented by people like you and me who have a flair for the do-it-yourself.

There's a repurposed Army surplus duffel, a beautiful shim wall to offset a home entertainment center, and a bar top made out of discarded computer keyboards. Not all of these are problem solvers, some are just fun, but that's OK, it's the weekend.

To share your DIY project, simply e-mail a description of 350 words or less, including all the geeky ins and outs of your invention, plus relevant links and photos, to crave at cnet dot com. Please put DIY Weekend in the subject line.