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DIY Styrofoam turntable sucks at sustainability

Swedish product design studio creates a build-it-yourself styrofoam turntable!

TE makes first DIY Styrofoam turntable. Teenage Engineering

Swedish product design studio Teenage Engineering's credo is to create products built with "functional design, superior quality, and top-class engineering," but they should probably add "environmentally irresponsible" to that list. A low-cost DIY turntable kit is a clever idea, and I'd probably buy one, but it's made out of Styrofoam. Styrofoam? Really? Does it come with a case made out of batteries and aerosol cans too, guys?

All environmental issues aside, this turntable deserves serious design respect: the base of the player as well as the arm are made out of CNCd Styrofoam to accept the belt underneath. The turntable also works as a standalone player with a built-in amplifier and speaker, and it even sports a USB connection for converting vinyl into digital audio.

Unfortunately, Teenage Engineering currently has zero plans to put the Styrofoam turntable into production, but you're welcome to check a box on the Web site and submit your e-mail address for possible updates in the future. More pictures after the break.

Teenage Engineering
TE makes first DIY Styrofoam turntable Teenage Engineering
Teenage Engineering
Teenage Engineering