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DIY flying hovercraft floats our boat

Watch the video and tell me you don't want one.

Since I was a kid I've loved hovercrafts. The idea of an amphibious vehicle that rides on a cushion of air has always fascinated me. But I'd never thought of combining one with an airplane until I saw the video above, and now, predictably, I want one--badly.

The craft was put together by a madman named Rudy Heeman (He-Man!?), who built the whole thing by hand. It's a traditional hovercraft until it hits about 45mph; then the thing becomes airborne. It can't get much altitude, but that probably means it's safer while still being fun to fly.

The best part is the machine is currently on sale at New Zealand auction site Trade Me for about $18,500. Who's got some cash I could borrow?

And Heeman is looking at a way to commercialize his invention. While there are no firm plans yet--he's looking for things like investors and marketing experts--it seems like the kind of thing I could see cruising the lakes and rivers in just a few years.