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DIY e-mail purse looks a lot like a Gmail purse

The must-have geek fashion accessory of the fall may end up being this e-mail purse you have to assemble yourself.

DIY Mail Purse
You've got DIY Mail Purse. ThinkGeek

What happens to e-mail when you print it out? Is it still e-mail or has it moved into a different plane of existence? Regardless of the existential questions that arise, you now have a very fitting place to put your printed e-mails. Stuff them into a DIY Mail Purse.

The DIY Mail Purse gets part of its name from the fact you have to assemble it yourself. Don't worry, ThinkGeek says it will only take 15 minutes of your time. It comes with precut polyester felt pieces, cotton rope, basswood splints, and a shoulder strap. Assembly is just a matter of running the rope through some holes.

The $43.99 bag is big enough to hold a Netbook, tablet, small laptop, or wad of environmentally incorrect printed e-mails. A top zipper keeps all your intellectual property from falling out.

ThinkGeek doesn't mention the "G" word anywhere in the product description, but the purse's shape and shade of red sure looks a lot like the Gmail logo. There's even a "G" on each side, though the background color is much darker. I won't outright call it a Gmail purse, either. I'll just not-so-subtly imply it.

DIY Mail Purse kit
Some assembly required, but not much. ThinkGeek