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DIY bokeh modifier kit for crafty shutterbugs

This DIY kit will help photographers take their bokeh skills to the next level.

Mike Gerdau

Though the concept of transforming bokeh (the aesthetic quality of image blur) into different shapes isn't new, photographer Mike Gerdau has managed to come up with a system of bokeh modifiers to be used on a variety of lenses instead of just being restricted to one dedicated lens diameter.

In his tutorial, the solution he provided was to cut out the desired custom shapes first, then mount them on 45x45mm squares, which can be slotted into a cutout located on the front of the homemade hood. The benefit of this system is that it's modular and allows the user to use the bokeh modifiers on various lenses regardless of the diameter.

Shutterbugs who aren't very handy with tools or just don't have the patience can opt for a ready-made Bokeh Masters Kit, which retails for $25 online.

(Source: Crave Asia via DIY Photography)