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Divvy up the stimulus package your way

New casual game "Trillion Dollar Bailout!" lets you decide whether you want to deliver a bag of money or a slap in the face to corporate CEOs and homeowners.

I just saved the U.S. economy, and it only took a minute and a half! Yay me.

Well, I didn't actually save it, but after playing a quick round of the free casual game "Trillion Dollar Bailout!" an image of a newspaper appeared on my screen with the headline "Economy Saved! World Rejoices!!!" Apparently, amid all the disagreement over how the $787 billion economic stimulus package should be divvied up, I managed to make wise choices as to who and what should get funding. A regular Paul Krugman I am.

Trillion Dollar Bailout!
Wish you were an economic adviser to Obama? Now you can be, kind of. AddictingGames

Ah, if only rescuing the faltering economy were as easy as this newly posted little title on AddictingGames makes it out to be. You just decide whether you want to deliver a bag of money or a slap in the face to the CEOs and homeowners who pop up along New York's skyline and city streets holding signs asking for cash.

It's pretty clear what sort of choices will net you a win. "Punish greedy fat cats and save honest peoples! Hand out moneys to homeowners. Put the hurt on dudes in suits! Do it right and save the world!" reads the game's introduction screen (and no, that wasn't me who put an "s" at the end of people and money).

Sadly, playing this game won't save homeowners from foreclosure or bail out the banks, but it's a harmless enough way to pass a few minutes.

AddictingGames, by the way, also recently brought us the free online game "Hero on The Hudson," which tasks players with emulating the success of US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger landing a passenger jet on water.