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Dive into your own chocolate fountain

The Select Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain is perfect for parties and get-togethers--or just a stand-in until you get the chocolate fountain of your dreams.

No birds allowed. Bed Bath & Beyond

You know how you always wanted that fountain in the back yard? That chocolate fountain? Imagine it: a 16-foot-tall tower of gushing chocolate, always ready at your disposal. Wake up in the morning, look out through the window and across the lawn, and gaze upon one of mankind's greatest treasures. Simply go outside, take your morning cup of coffee, and hold it under the flowing waterfall of chocolate.

Unfortunately such simple pleasures can be monstrously unattainable. Luckily, the Select Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain can fill in the gap until you can afford your dream fountain. Standing at a respectable 16 inches, this chocolate fountain is a good deal more accessible. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, it won't break the budget to bust out and fill this up with enough chocolate for everybody. The heated basin holds 4 pounds of chocolate, which, when melted, cascades down the three-tier structure, supplying enough liquid chocolate for up to 20 guests.

Of course, setting this up as a permanent fixture in your decor is also an option. It may not be the Chocolate Trevi Fountain you always wanted, but think of all the construction costs you will save. Consider this a stepping-stone along the path toward realization of your dream fountain in the back yard--and meanwhile take solace in the thought that none of your guests is likely to throw coins into this delicious chocolate fountain.