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Ditch the knives for a chopper

There are special knives for just about anything you can do to a fruit or vegetable. The Professional Multi-Chopper can eliminate your need for those different blades.

The Professional Multi-Chopper Williams-Sonoma

Every time I start thinking about taking apart vegetables--chopping, slicing, coring, or anything else--I have to go looking for a different knife. I would much rather grab just one tool. It just makes sense.

Williams-Sonoma makes that one tool. It's called the Professional Multi-Chopper and it has four interchangeable blades that let it slice, dice, wedge, and core fruits and vegetables. With this chopper, I only need one tool to cut up all the vegetables that I need for a meal. It cuts down on cleaning time--it's dishwasher safe.

The Professional Multi-Chopper doesn't just appeal because of the ease of its cleanup, though. Cutting big piles of fruit and and vegetables is hard work: the motions that we use to cut with a knife are tiring. With this chopper, though, all you have to do is exert a little brute force. Just load your veggies between the pusher and the blade and push down. You're done. It's also safer than a knife: if you have little fingers in the kitchen, they can help with the Professional Multi-Chopper, despite being too young for knives.

It's priced at $49.95, far less than a comparable set of knives. The Professional Multi-Chopper looks like a great addition to your kitchen.