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Disney's Playmation makes us wish we were kids again (Tomorrow Daily 188)

Ashley and Khail explain why you only need your imagination to have fun with Disney's newest toy, watch a robot adapt in order to keep moving, and discuss one man's hope to reduce plastics in our oceans by 50 percent in 10 years.

We know Disney's new line of Playmation toys are designed for kids, but we want in on the action too. They look super fun to play with, and we think adults should be able to use their imaginations a little more often. We know the Iron Man repulsor accessory is probably a little too small for us, but there's a "Star Wars" pack coming out next year, and lightsabers are for everyone, no matter how old you get.

We're also checking out some fancy algorithms that help robots get back on their feet after being injured, and taking a look at one young entrepreneur's hope to greatly clean up our oceans in the next decade. It's all good stuff, and you're looking right at it.

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188: Disney's Playmation toys make us wish we were kids again

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