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Disney's latest TV: The ears have it

It's about time Mickey asserted himself.


Disney has long had the reputation of being the ultimate control freak when it comes to its brand, which is no mean feat considering the endless stream of its products worldwide. In TVs alone this year, for instance, the Magic Kingdom has released themed models for everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to High School Musical.

But if branding is so important, then why not go straight to the source? That's what the company has done in Japan with the release of a 20-inch HDTV that features The Mouse himself, complete with a pair of his trademark four-fingered gloves embossed on the frame just below the LCD screen. Manufactured by Uniden, according to Akihabara News, the TV goes for about $782 on the Japanese market. It's about time Mickey showed that he had a pair--of ears, that is.