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Disney's kid phones look all grown up in Japan

Why don't they market them to adults in the U.S.?


Sometimes it seems that Japanese phone makers target their products at children as much as adult consumers--in some cases even before they're born.

Disney Japan is no exception, of course, so it's no surprise that the Magic Kingdom of the Pacific is coming out with yet another mobile handset for kids. But its new DM001SH model, which MobileWhack says is produced jointly with Tokyo-based Softbank, looks decidedly more grown-up and polished than previous phones and other gadgets aimed at the kodomo market.

In fact, we wouldn't mind having one of these handsets either, with its 2.6-inch screen, 2-megapixel camera, and clean metallic finish (in gold, silver, or pink), as well as a media player and SD card slot. Except for the ears, of course. We've had enough of those.