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Kent Phillips

Watch Disney World's two new 'Avatar' rides in 4K

Visitors to the new 'Avatar' attractions at Disney World captured hi-def footage of the parks' rides, offering a glimpse into Pandora's bioluminescent world.

You can now check out the new "Avatar" rides at Disney World without taking a trip to Orlando, Florida, thanks to some cheeky parkgoers' phone videos.

In two videos that will certainly not thrill Disney, visitors to the park's new Pandora World managed to film two new rides in 4K, though they don't quite capture the whole experience.

In the first video, you watch in 4K as visitors wait in line, watch videos reminding them what happened in "Avatar" (SPOILERS: A lot of mentions of unobtainium) then enter the Flight of Passage ride. You can't see much, presumably because the sneaky filmographer wanted to remain hidden. Check it out in the video, uploaded to ThemeParkHD, below.

The second video comes from SoCal Attractions 360. Taken during the Na'vi River Journey, it's a more complete experience, showing footage of patrons riding boats through a colorful, dream-like cave world with tons of bioluminescent light you may vaguely remember from Jim Cameron's epic 3D movie.

The new section of the park opened to the public on May 27, and our own Bridget Carey gave her impressions after a sneak peak at the ride before it opened its doors to attendees.

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