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Screenshot by CNET via Disney

Disney wastes no time welcoming Avatar, The Simpsons and Deadpool

The future of the Fox franchises looks to be safe under their new Disney banner.

Disney is welcoming its new Fox franchises under its banner -- quite literally.

Following the closing of Disney's $71.3 billion Fox takeover late Tuesday, Disney made an immediate update to its website.

The site shows off a new banner featuring Disney stalwarts Star Wars, Toy Story, Captain Marvel and Frozen, alongside Fox properties The Shape of Water, Avatar, The Simpsons, Deadpool and more.

While Deadpool is happy to jump on board the Disney school bus, some aren't quite as chipper. The transition could see potential X-Men films developed by Fox lost by the wayside, including an X-23 spinoff of the successful Hugh Jackman-starring Logan, according to The Hollywood Reporter. On top of that, Variety is reporting an expected loss of 4,000 jobs to result from the merger.

Yet things aren't so blue for James Cameron's Avatar, which has four sequels in the works, to be shot back-to-back, with Avatar 2 set to arrive Dec. 18, 2020. Meanwhile, Fox renewed The Simpsons for two more seasons, bringing its impressive run up to seasons 31 and 32.

Deadpool, which saw two R-rated films and a PG-rated version of Deadpool 2 under Fox, could see its adult brand continue for a Deadpool 3. Disney CEO Bob Iger is open to the possibility, saying there would be an "opportunity for an R-rated Marvel brand as long as we let audiences know what's coming."

As for Fox's feelings about the merger, see the company's new sizzle reel posted to YouTube Wednesday night.

It features clips from The Simpsons, Family Guy and Empire. In one Empire clip, character Lucious Lyon says, "The company we knew and loved is changing." Read into that what you will.

The Mouse House is a crowded one indeed.

Originally published March 20, 5:10 p.m. PT.

Update, 6:25 p.m.: Adds Fox's sizzle reel.