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Disney to attempt new music approach

Hollywood Records is scheduled to announce new format on Wednesday, one that weds physical music sales with digital element.

CD sales are falling fast, but CDs are still the way most people listen to music. Digital downloads are supposed to be the future.

The music industry is stuck somewhere in the middle. Amid all the uncertainty, Disney is due to announce a hybrid approach on Wednesday, one that weds the old with the new.

A spokeswoman for Disney's Hollywood Records was tight-lipped, but did say the new offering will combine a physical disc with a downloadable element.

Why not? At this point, nothing seems to work for the record labels, although the idea of packaging discs and downloads has been tried before in varying forms.

For example, a U.K. label began selling vinyl discs earlier this year that were equipped with a unique code that enabled buyers to download an unprotected MP3 version of the music.

Check with CNET TV on Wednesday. They'll be covering Hollywood Records' press conference.