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Disney princesses get 'Star Wars' makeovers

Disney princesses just upped their galactic street cred with artist Ralph Sevelius' interpretations of them as "Star Wars" characters.

Ariel as a Jedi
Don't mess with this lightsaber-wielding princess. Ralph Sevelius

My appreciation for Disney princesses is at an all-time high at this very moment thanks to artist Ralph Sevelius and his reimagining of the animated ladies as if they were dropped into the world of "Star Wars."

The bright colors of the illustrations say "Disney," but the lightsabers and glowing eyes are all "Star Wars." Sevelius' princesses aren't just a bunch of Jedi do-gooders -- they also take on the sinister aspects of the Sith. Elsa from Disney's recent hit "Frozen" gets all Sithy with a red light saber, yellow eyes, and a serious attitude adjustment.

Sevelius had been wanting to do his own take on the Disney crew for some time, but all of the ideas he came up with had already been done by other artists. He was hanging out with a group of friends after Disney acquired Lucasfilm, when one of them said, "I guess Disney is going to indoctrinate Leia as a new princess."

That spark started Sevelius on his path to recast some of the most famous Disney denizens as if they had wandered onto a "Star Wars" set. Now the ball is in Disney's court. Chances aren't good we'll ever get an official crossover between "Star Wars" and the classic Disney princess set, but perhaps we should scour the backgrounds in Disney animations in search of a tiny R2-D2 hidden in the art, just in case.

Check out the complete mashup collection so far: