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Disney Plus' The Mandalorian season 2 confirmed for fall 2020

Creator Jon Favreau confirmed the show that delivers us Baby Yoda will return to Disney Plus next year.

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The Child, aka Baby Yoda, has been The Mandalorian's breakout star. 


Disney Plus' popular original show The Mandalorian will return with a second season next fall, creator Jon Favreau said in a tweet Friday -- the same day as the first season's finale

It was no secret The Mandalorian would be coming back for another round: Favreau spilled that he was already working on second-season scripts long before the show premiered in November. But since its debut, the show and its breakout star mostly known as Baby Yoda bear the markers of being a hit

Disney Plus is the Hollywood giant's take on streaming video, going up against the likes of NetflixAmazon and, most recently, Apple