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Disney Plus is reportedly getting an Aladdin live-action spinoff

The production will center on Prince Anders, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Prince Anders

Billy Magnussen will reportedly star in an Aladdin spinoff on Disney Plus.

Screenshot by Abrar Al-Heeti/CNET

Disney Plus is reportedly adding an Aladdin spinoff to its list of content. The production will focus on Prince Anders, a character played by Billy Magnussen in the live-action film that came out earlier this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday. 

Jordan Dunn and Michael Kvamme will write the script for the spinoff and Aladdin producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will reprise their roles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project is in early development. 

In Aladdin, Anders was a prince from a kingdom called Skanland and was Princess Jasmine's suitor. The character was a new addition to the live-action film's storyline. Magnussen reportedly played a central role in bringing the project to life. He brought a story idea to producers and participated in meeting with potential writers, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Disney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.