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Disney Plus documentary promises tour of Disney World's 'underground city'

The six episodes will also bring us "through hallways of a Star Destroyer."

The prospect of a vast "underground city" linking the various parts of Disney World has tantalized fans for years, and a six-episode documentary coming to Disney Plus promises to explore them. A trailer for The Imagineering Story -- which will part of the streaming service's vast library at launch on Nov. 12 -- dropped Thursday, and it suggests that we'll learn a bunch of fun behind-the-scenes stuff about all the Disney parks.

"I don't know if you've ever walked through the hallways of a Star Destroyer before," says one of the Imagineers -- the engineers who design the parks -- in a comment that'll capture the imaginations of Star Wars fans.


The Imagineering Story promises an in-depth look at all the Disney Parks.

Disney/Screenshot by Sean Keane/CNET

Of course, it's likely that the underground tunnels and back hallways are just where the actors playing Mickey Mouse and Stormtroopers eat their lunch, but getting to see them is an intriguing prospect nonetheless.

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The documentary -- from Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible director Leslie Iwerks and narrated by Angela Bassett -- also promises to show us some of the "imperfections, the trial-and-error, and the experimentation" that went into the rides and attractions, including new Star Wars land Galaxy's Edge.

Disney Plus will cost $7 a month, and promises a healthy dose of nostalgia along with all of its new shows and movies.