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See how all Pixar films are mysteriously connected

How did we not notice that Riley from "Inside Out" makes an appearance in "Finding Dory"? Gotta be quicker on the freeze-frame button.

Disney characters live in an enormous, delightfully loopy universe, but many moviegoers have suspected all of them somehow know each other. Pixar films especially seem interconnected, with Easter eggs popping up in various movies. The famed Pizza Planet pizza-delivery truck is probably the best-known hidden bonus, making appearances in every Pixar film except "The Incredibles."

Now Disney has all but confessed the studio is in on the joke, releasing a video Sunday on the official "Toy Story" Facebook page that lays out many of the connections.

It's a neat two-minute trip down memory lane, especially for those who haven't missed a Pixar flick.

Did you realize Riley from "Inside Out" is one of the kids at the aquarium in "Finding Dory"? Or that strawberry-scented Lots-o' Huggin' Bear from "Toy Story 3" can be spotted in "Up" as the balloon-laden house floats by? Or that Sully from "Monsters Inc." shows up as a wood carving in "Brave"?

The video has gotten more than 8 million views, and it hasn't even been up for a week.

Even the most devoted Pixar fans seemed to have needed the video to point out out some inter-movie connections. One Facebook user joked about a connection between Pixar's best-known Easter egg and the controversial ending of "St. Elsewhere."

Wrote Eric Adam Conner: "The last scene of the last Pixar movie will be a quiet child staring at a snow globe of Pizza Planet as we discover every film was only in his mind."

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