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Disney will make Netflix the happiest place on earth this September

Nearly four years after the deal was announced, Netflix will become the exclusive place (in the United States) to stream new Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar movies.

"Star Wars," "Captain America," "The Jungle Book" and "Finding Dory" -- this September, Netflix will become the exclusive place to stream all of Disney's latest movies.

It's a deal that's taken nearly four years to bear fruit. In 2012, Netflix and Disney said they'd reached an arrangement to make Netflix the exclusive US subscription television provider of first-run, live-action and animated feature films. (We wrote a huge FAQ on the subject.)

But it's only today, buried in a Netflix press release, that we're learning September is the month when Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm's latest works will make it to Netflix.

Until September, pay-TV channel Starz still has the rights to Disney's creations.

While you wait, here's the full list of everything coming to Netflix in June 2016.