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Disney contest wants you to turn characters into emojis

In a partnership with Adobe, the animation giant is offering a trip to California to the best five student designers of Disney character emojis.


If you fancy yourself a dab hand at emoji design, and if you're a post-secondary student between the ages of 18 and 24, you might want to check out this competition: Disney is offering a trip to its Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media in Los Angeles to the designers of five best Disney emojis.

Don't just go designing willy-nilly, though. The emoji needs to fit several parameters. It must be a Disney character (not an object, although this may be blurred by characters that are also objects, such as Lumiere, the talking candlestick); it must express one of five emotions, happiness, sadness, fear, excitement or confusion; it mustn't be an animated image; and it absolutely cannot show anything rude.

Five grand prize winners will receive the trip and a 12-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, and an additional 20 first prize winners will receive just the subscription. It's open to entrants from America, Canada (except Quebec), the UK, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

You can enter here, but don't forget to check out the full terms and conditions.