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Disney may pursue more Avengers movies

CEO Bob Iger isn't closing the door on more Avengers adventures, even after the Infinity War sequel.


Infinity War is raking in the money -- more than enough to fix Captain America's suit.

Marvel Studios

If you're already lamenting the end of the Avengers era, don't get too worked up.

Disney CEO Bob Iger says the Avengers might not be totally wrapped up after 2019's follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War. Disney owns Marvel Entertainment 

"Given the popularity of the characters and given the popularity of the franchise, I don't think people should conclude there will never be another Avengers movie," Iger said during an earnings call Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Infinity War crossed the $1 billion mark after 11 days at the box office, becoming the fastest movie ever to do so.

Iger said there could also be a new franchise in the future.