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Disney buys Infoseek, prepares for losses

Disney's purchase of the online directory will give it total control over its Internet venture,, but Infoseek shareholders are fighting the deal.


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Disney's purchase of Infoseek will give it total control over its Internet venture,, but Infoseek investors are fighting the deal. Even if the deal goes through, however, a Disney executive says the new Net unit will lose money initially.

"This is an Internet property that has its future in front of it."

- Barry Hyman, analyst, Ehrenkrantz King Nussbaum


Infoseek shareholders sue Disney
Disney is sued by Infoseek shareholders who contend the world's second-largest entertainment company's buyout of the Internet search company See news analysis: Will Disney's Go Network pay off? shortchanges other Infoseek stockholders.

Disney to buy Infoseek, form
update The media giant will buy the rest of Infoseek, combine it with its own Internet assets, and sell shares in the new company to the public. will see losses, Disney exec says
The head of Disney's Internet business says, the new Internet unit formed by the buyout of Infoseek, will, like most Internet companies, operate at a loss for some time.

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Go Network to air music videos
The Internet venture run by online directory Infoseek and Disney teams with Entertainment Boulevard to air music videos on Go Network's music Web site.

Go Network to enforce strict privacy policy
Disney's Buena Vista Internet Group and Infoseek are the latest companies to use their advertising space and dollars as currency to insist that other sites post clear privacy policies.