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Disney adds online video sales

Disney's network of Web sites incorporates video retailer MovieStreet in its list of commerce partners.

Gearing up for the highly anticipated holiday e-commerce blitz, Disney's network of Web sites is adding video retailer MovieStreet to its list of commerce partners.

Disney's Web site now features MovieStreet division KidFlix as its exclusive children's video retailer. Eventually, most of the primary Buena Vista Internet Group Web sites, Disney's online arm, will feature MovieStreet as its exclusive video retailer.

As previously reported, Disney continues to add retail partners to its Web site. Earlier this month, the entertainment giant began promoting FTD flowers on its site. Disney also has arrangements with Music Boulevard and Barnes and Noble.

Under the agreement announced today, Disney and Kidflix will create a co-branded site to sell videos. Currently, the link on Disney's site leads to the general Kidflix site, but it will shortly be replaced.

MovieStreet will eventually sell videos on ABCNews.com and ESPN. The company would not say whether it will become the exclusive video retailer on the Disney-Infoseek portal Go Network.

"We haven't made any relationships with Go.com," said MovieStreet president and chief executive Jonathan Kaplan.

Kidflix is a start-up that officially launched in September. Since then, the San Francisco-based company has inked a high-profile deal to create an online children's bookstore with Barnes and Noble.

Kidflix is owned by MovieStreet, and is also the video retailer for women's content site iVillage.