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DiskWarrior 3.0.2: CD burning, update problems

DiskWarrior 3.0.2: CD burning, update problems

Some users are having problems with Alsoft's recently posted DiskWarrior 3.0.2 - either updating to the new version, or burning a new DiskWarrior startup CD with the new version.

MacFixIt reader Dan writes "When attempting to burn an updated DiskWarrior startup CD, I get: 'A burn engine error occurred (-2147352539). 00/00/00' This is after I enter my serial number.

"The burner is a external LaCie drive connected via FireWire to a TiBook 500 running OS 10.2.6. The mechanism in the drive reports as a LITE-ON LTR-52327S. I am using TDK blanks. I have successfully burned a couple CDs already today using Toast. I have rebooted several times and re downloaded the updater."

For users experiencing burn problems from DiskWarrior, Alsoft offers a potential solution:

  1. If the Update utility appears to have successfully updated the image, but simply refuses to burn a new CD, do not quit the Update utility yet. First choose Go -> Go to Folder... in the Finder. Type /private/tmp and click the Go button. This will take you to the /private/tmp folder.
  2. There should be a disk image file (ending in .dmg) in that folder. Copy or move it to your Desktop. (After doing this, it's safe to quit the Update utility.)
  3. Launch Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility).
  4. In Disk Utility, choose Images -> Burn..., choose the disk image file you just copied to the Desktop, and click Open.
  5. Burn the image to disc.

Meanwhile, MacFixIt reader Dave writes "I am having trouble with the DiskWarrior 3.0.2 installer. Every time I try to authenticate with my administrator password the program crashes. I've repaired permissions, rebuilt the disk directory ( with DiskWarroir 3.0), tried running the installer under other user account (even as a root user), none of this has had any change in the crashing behavior. Has anyone else experienced this?"

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please drop us a line at

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