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Sarah Tew

Dish hops on 4K Netflix bandwagon

An update to the satellite TV provider's best DVR, the Hopper 3, adds 4K support to the Netflix app, allowing subscribers to both services watch Netflix's 4K shows on 4K TVs.

Now subscribers to Dish and Netflix with a Hopper 3 DVR can get the 4K version of "Daredevil," "House of Cards" and the rest without having to fire up a smart TV app or buy another device.

The company's feature-packed DVR joins the Roku 4, Nvidia Shield and Amazon Fire TV in delivering 4K Netflix to compatible TVs. To watch the 4K shows you'll need such a TV as well as a subscription to Netflix's highest-level plan ($11.99 per month) and a fast-enough Internet connection (typically 15mbps).

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In our testing of devices like the Shield and Roku 4, Netflix's 4K streams didn't look significantly better than the 1080p versions. Also, most 4K TVs have a 4K version of the Netflix app included as part of their smart TV suite, so chances are good that Dish's new app is redundant to most subscribers. That said, using your Hopper to stream Netflix might be more convenient than using your smart TV, especially if your Hopper remote is already in your hand.