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Dish Hopper DVR adds Netflix app

The satcaster claims to be the first major pay-TV provider to integrate the Netflix app on its own set-top boxes.

Dish subscribers can now jump over to Netflix without having to switch inputs or fire up a second device.

The satellite provider launched the Netflix app on its second-generation Hopper DVRs today, allowing subscribers to both services to easier intermingle their viewing pleasures.

Customers can access the app directly by pressing the blue button on the Dish remote, or via the menu system (below). Dish says the app will roll out to Joey, Super Joey and Wireless Joey client boxes in the coming months.


Currently Netflix search results are not integrated into the Hopper's native search, but according to the press release, "in the future, titles available on Netflix could be integrated into the search functionality across live, recorded and Video On Demand programs for both the Hopper as well as DISH's forthcoming OTT service."

It's worth noting that TiVo DVRs , among other third-party devices, have offered Netflix for years. In addition to retail TiVo boxes, TiVo set-tops available directly from cable providers Atlantic Broadband, Grande and RCN in the U.S., as well as Virgin Media in the UK, have integrated Netflix. TiVo's search incorporates results from Netflix, in addition to other services like Amazon and Vudu.