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Disguise your iPhone as old Apple products

These iPhone cases make your smartphone look like retro Apple products. Well, for now, at least.

Miss your iMac? Dress your iPhone up as one. Schreer Delights

If you're an Apple fan feeling nostalgic for the days of your old iMac or classic iPod, you might want to snatch up one of these retro cases for your iPhone.

Schreer Delights

Schreer Delights offers a set of iPhones designed to look like old Apple products, including the iMac G3, Power Mac G4, and first-gen iPod. We particularly like the old-school Macintosh model, which includes such details as vent grooves and an SCSI port.

Compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, the cases give you access to the smartphone's ports and camera. Schreer Delights says the graphics are printed deep into the case's surface, so they won't fade, peel, or chip.

That said, we suspect the folks in Cupertino may have something to say about the unauthorized use of their intellectual property, so if you fancy one of these cases, you might want to grab one soon. Each case costs $44.95.

(Via Core 77)