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Disguise your iPhone as a retro camera

Sleek wooden case makes your iPhone 4 look like an analog camera--from far away at least.

Wooden Camera iPhone case
As long as they're not standing too close, your friends will think you've gone analog. Hipster glasses not included. Photojojo

If you miss the feeling of carrying around one of those old-fashioned standalone cameras (remember those?), this case lets you dress your iPhone up like one.

The Wood Camera iPhone Case, from Photojojo, comes in bamboo or walnut engraved with old-school camera stylings to "up your photo-taking cred." It's made for the iPhone 4 and contains openings for the phone's volume button, headphone jack, power button, and camera flash.

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The $42 case slides on in two parts over each end of the phone, closing in the middle, and won't crack, scratch, or splinter, Photojojo promises. (Just keep the thing away from termites.) It also has a snug felt internal lining to cushion the phone's glass from the wood.

While we haven't gotten our mits on the case yet, it certainly exudes a sleek retro flair. We can imagine it might hold particular appeal for young Digital Age hipsters who are discovering the joys of analog photography but may not want to tote an actual old-school cam around all the time.

Wooden Camera iPhone case
The case slides over each end of the phone, closing at the middle. Photojojo
Wooden Camera iPhone case
The darker walnut version sports some impressive detailing. Photojojo