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Discovery's last voyage as seen from below

Thousands of space enthusiasts train their lenses on NASA's oldest surviving orbiter as it descends on its new home at a museum near Washington, D.C. Here, just a few of our favorite shots.

A dramatic image of the shuttle flying over the Washington Monument gets the Instagram treatment. Ethan Klapper

It wasn't an everyday sight. Hitched to the back of a NASA 747 jumbo jet, the Shuttle Discovery today made its final flight, going from Florida's Kennedy Space Center to Dulles International Airport en route to its new home at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's nearby Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

NASA has released some amazing official shots of the historic happening, but we wanted to see how it looked to the thousands of space enthusiasts on the ground pointing their cameras and phones skyward in hopes of capturing the orbiter's last airborne hurrah.

The results of their photographic efforts have been pouring in to Twitter all day (hashtag #SpotTheShuttle), and onto NASA's Spot the Shuttle Flickr site. Together, they make for a stunning crowdsourced chronicle of a big day in the life of the shuttle program. Scroll through the gallery below for just a few of our favorite shots.