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Discord game store beta goes live for all users

The Discord store offers indie games and exclusives.


Discord's store directory page.


Discord is a chat platform built for gamers, so why not make it a place gamers can go to get more games to chat about?

On Tuesday, Discord announced that its game store is now live for all users in beta. Previously, the store beta was only open to around 50,000 users in Canada, but now all 130 million users (as of May this year) can access the store and buy new games.

The Discord store has 70-plus indie titles, including everything from Hollow Knight, Dead Cells and Ticket to Ride, to RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. The store also has games exclusive to Discord, called First on Discord games. First on Discord games are only available on PC through Discord for 90 days -- although they may launch on console during that time.

Over 60 of the games are available for free if you have Discord Nitro, the company's $10-a-month premium subscription service.

Discord also has a Universal Library feature that can scan your computer for games and collect them all in one place for easy access.

And if you like weird promos, Discord has you covered with a trippy video promoting its new game store: