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Disabled kitty goes bionic with the help of titanium legs (Tomorrow Daily 284)

Ashley discusses why two futuristic peg legs are giving a new lease on life to a disabled cat, and how the ESA is working toward landing an instruments payload on a dual-asteroid system by 2022.

Robotic arms and cat prosthetics feature on today's show:

The European Space Agency is part of a team of various space agencies and labs looking to send spacecraft to a near-Earth, double-asteroid system by 2020, and they're already working on testing out how that might be possible using robotic arms.

Also, Vincent the cat is now officially Vincent the *cyborg* cat, after getting titanium peg legs that will fuse to his bones over time, not to mention he's positively adorable.

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284: Disabled kitty goes bionic with the help of titanium legs (Tomorrow Daily)

Host: Ashley Esqueda | Producer: Logan Moy

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