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DirecTV TiVo DVR delayed to 2011

TiVo is working with DirecTV to bring the company's DVR to subscribers. But it won't be available until next year.


It's been in the works for years, but DirecTV subscribers hoping to get their hands on a TiVo by the end of the year will have to wait until 2011.

Recently, TiVo changed its DirecTV page to reflect the delayed launch. The site previously said the company would launch the DVR sometime this year. The page now says its "TiVo service is expected to launch to support satellite customers in the future." The DirecTV page discussing the TiVo says the company expects "the new receiver to launch in early 2011."

The new TiVo for DirecTV subscribers signals a rekindling of the relationship between the two companies.

DirecTV's first DVRs were powered by TiVo's technology. But the satellite provider's second wave of devices were instead based on technology from NDS, a U.K. company that offered services similar to TiVo's. That resulted in a strained relationship between the firms. But in 2008, TiVo and DirecTV announced a partnership that would deliver a new TiVo to the provider's subscribers in the second half of 2009. That release was then pushed back to 2010.

And now, DirecTV subscribers will have to wait several more months for the DVR to finally arrive.

(Via Zatz Not Funny)