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DirecTV reportedly wants to buy Hulu, again

The satellite TV provider is eyeing the video streaming service, according to news reports.


Satellite TV provider DirecTV is thinking about buying all or parts of streaming-video site Hulu, according to news reports Friday.

An unnamed source told The Wall Street Journal that Hulu's owners, which include Walt Disney Company and Comcast, are considering several options for the site's future, including selling it.

Other unnamed sources told Bloomberg that DirecTV is still in preliminary discussions regarding Hulu and that it's not clear if DirecTV will buy some or all of Hulu.

Hulu is an attractive platform for TV providers like DirecTV because it would let them tap into online audiences. DirecTV was among the companies that were reportedly vying to purchase Hulu in 2011, but Walt Disney and Comcast eventually called off the process. Rumors surfaced earlier this year that there was renewed interest in Hulu, including from Yahoo and Amazon.