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Director of awful gaming movies alienates audiences further

Director of awful gaming movies alienates audiences further

If you thought Jack "only gamers and hit men shoot people in the face" Thompson and Ken "a $600 console is cheap" Kutaragi had said some stupid things to enrage the gaming community, take a gander at this quote from Uwe Boll, the director of BloodRayne, Alone in the Dark, and many other game-turned-movie abominations, regarding his favorite TV moment:

My favorite TV moment was the September 11 attack. For one day in TV history, every channel showed the same stuff over and over again. This day showed us that we are all completely voyeurs, greedy for thrilling entertainment, no matter if this is real or not.

Actually, Uwe, we're not that greedy--we've avoided your movies. To see Uwe's foot-in-mouth escapade in its entirety, check out IGN's top 100 TV moments article.