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Diptyque speakers pretend to be paintings

Thin-membrane speakers can almost pass off as regular room dividers when covered in works of art but are said to be capable of an impressive frequency response.

Diptyque Audio

While some hi-fi enthusiasts love showing off their unique gear, others may prefer a more discreet setup. If you're an audiophile who belongs to the latter group, the DP155 speakers by Diptyque Audio could be an interesting choice.

Implementing a flat-panel two-way speaker design, the DP155 consists of a slim ribbon tweeter for higher frequencies and a large membrane to reproduce sound from the midrange and lower end of the audio spectrum. The speakers are available as they are or with a painting or graphic overlaid in an acoustically transparent material.

While the thin-membrane speakers can almost pass off as regular room dividers when covered in works of art, they are said to be capable of a frequency response of 25-18,000Hz--impressive for speakers with this type of technology. To drive the 5-foot-tall speakers, you'll need an amplifier that outputs more than 80W of power per channel.

The DP155 is priced at 3,400 euros ($4,700) per pair sans artsy dressing, while the decorative covers come at an additional 130 euros ($180) per side. A less expensive 2,000 euro ($2,770) DP140 model is also in the works, thought it's not clear how the product will be scaled back. These speakers are handcrafted in France; those interested in purchasing a pair can contact Diptyque Audio at its Web site (in French).

Diptyque Audio

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