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Flatulent robo-dinosaur goes on display at museum

Manitoba Museum visitors will get to enjoy the sights and sounds of peeing and farting dinosaurs in a new exhibition.

These massive dinosaur models star in the Manitoba Museum's new exhibit.

Manitoba Museum

The new World's Giant Dinosaurs exhibit just opened inside a massive hall at the Manitoba Museum in Canada. The show features a mind-blowing combination of real fossils and robotic dinosaurs stretching more than 60 feet (18 meters) in length. Even better, there's a farting dinosaur and a peeing dinosaur.

In our ongoing fascination with the extinct beasts, we sometimes forget that dinosaurs were subject to the same natural bodily processes as other animals, and that includes flatulence and having to urinate. The Manitoba Museum embraces this overlooked aspect of archeaology with a Dilophosaurus that makes farting noises and a Protoceratops that urinates into a pool at the press of a button. The museum has the option to install a stenchy smell cartridge to go along with the audio assault, according to the CBC.

"They're kind of testing out how offended people get," "Dino" Don Lessem told the CBC. Dinosaur expert Lessem helped create the exhibition and was an advisor for the original 1993 "Jurassic Park" movie.

World's Giant Dinosaurs opened today and runs through September 4.