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DimDim nabs Index Ventures...and $6 million

DimDim just raised a Series B from one of the industry's best venture firms.

As is often the case with "news," the most interesting story is in the subtext. As an example, DimDim, the open-source web conferencing company, just raised $6 million in a Series B round of financing. That's great news for DimDim, but it's not the most important news. (Though I'm sure DimDim employees will beg to differ. :-)

No, the most important news is who funded this round. Index Ventures.

For those who don't follow the open-source world very closely, Index has funded some of the world's best open-source companies, many funded by Danny Rimer, open-source rock star. Its portfolio is filled with MySQL, Zend, OpenX, and Pentaho, among others.

Getting money from Index says a lot about DimDim. It has a lot of experience investing in open source. Index doesn't suffer open-source fools easily. DimDim just got a big vote of confidence...along with the cash.