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Digsby open to all, adds Twitter

Now anyone can try out beta of Digsby, which integrates IM, e-mail and social-network communications.

Digsby, the application that lets you view your instant-message, e-mail, and social-network accounts through one interface, opened up to the public on Thursday. Download Digsby for Windows from CNET


The application also has support for popular micro-blogging application Twitter and allows real-time audio and video chat across IM networks through a partnership with TokBox. Oh, and it now offers inline spell check. WooHoo!

Digsby first hit the scene in early February. It's still in beta, but now you don't need an invitation to use it.

Other applications that enable you to manage multiple IM accounts include Trillian and Miranda, but Digsby goes a step further by integrating e-mail messages as well as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace communications.

Then there's Fuser, which lets you view your e-mail and social-networking messages in one place, but doesn't touch IM. And Orgoo integrates e-mail, IM, SMS (Short Message Service), video chat, and video mail.

It's enough to make your head spin.