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Digital referees to avoid conference room fights

"RoomWizard" makes and monitors office schedules.


There's good news and bad news about the popularity of something like the "RoomWizard " scheduling system: One one hand, it means companies are apparently growing and hiring enough to demand a product like this; on the other, it means they're having more meetings.

The RoomWizard is kind of a digital refereethat can avoid inter-office fisticuffs by keeping track of schedules for conference rooms that are always in high demand. Spaces are booked with touch screens outside the rooms or online through the system's Web server, according to OhGizmo, and information can be downloaded to personal calendars.

All this seems to be a definite step up from the old sign-up sheet, which can be subject of abuse by an unscrupulous eraser. But we suspect the real reason that management would buy this system is its tracking feature, which can keep tabs on usage patterns. That's a tough break for meeting mavens who are always hogging rooms instead of doing real work; now they'll have to look for other ways to justify their jobs.