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Digital radio goes retro for happier days

Bush does right by mid-century designs.


We've got to hand it to Bush. (No, not that Bush, the one that makes consumer electronics.) There are tons of companies out there that are trying to recapture mid-century chic, but the U.K. company has done the job exceptionally well, which is a good thing because the radio is such an important icon for that generation.

Its latest creation may be the ultimate combination of old and new in the genre. The unfortunately named TR04DABBLK may look like something from Happy Days at first glance with its piano-black finish, according to GeekAlerts, but closer inspection will find a touch screen and small LCD to display information on up 10 digital and 10 FM stations of your choice.

It looks perfect for summertime beach-blanket bashes, especially if you have a retro MP3 barbecue to play your own tunes.