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Digital Noise - Disclosure

Digital Noise - Disclosure

Matt Rosoff is an analyst for Directions on Microsoft (DoM), an independent IT research and analysis firm specializing in Microsoft technologies and business strategies. Microsoft does not commission DoM research, exercises no editorial control over DoM research, and holds no financial stake in the company. DoM sells some finished reports and other products to Microsoft, and sells these products and provides advisory services to other well-known technology companies. A partial list of clients is available at this URL:

Rosoff occasionally agrees to be briefed by Microsoft and other clients under non-disclosure agreements, and his blog will not violate those agreements. Apart from holdings in index funds, Rosoff owns no shares of Microsoft or any other technology company.

Rosoff has also contributed to recordings that are being sold commercially, and has played live shows in exchange for compensation. Whenever Rosoff mentions one of these musical projects, or a musical project in which friends or relatives participate, he will identify it as such.