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Digital music, in and out of tune

The digital music chorus is getting louder, but there are some discordant notes.

The bandwagon keeps on right on rolling when it comes to digital music, but there are potholes: Retailers are still looking for ways to make money, while Apple and RealNetworks are feuding over the iPod.

eBay's music foray lacks volume

Auction site's tentative entrance into music download business speaks volumes; can retailers make money off this?
August 3, 2004

Start-up to make iTunes sing on Linux

CodeWeavers says new version of software bringing Windows programs to Linux supports Apple's music application.
August 2, 2004

Readers speak: Who's right in iPod fight?

reader feedback RealNetworks' reverse engineering of Apple's music player puts two tech passions at loggerheads.
August 2, 2004

Webster's uploads MP3 to dictionary

The music file format takes its place as a respected member of the linguistic community.
August 2, 2004